DELTA Fountain pen VIA VENETO 6 RED mechanical pencil

Numbered edition VIA VENETO A Silhouette with a feel and retro style, a classic for those who love to wear a writing instrument that exalts the expression of elegance and in essence of refinement. The ViaVeneto is hand turned from solid bars of Galalith* and special resin. The collection includes a fountain pen (1K), a roller (R) with cap, pencil 0,7 mm and a ballpen with twist mechanism. It is available with gold or platinum plated trimmings. The fountain pen offer a 14kt solid gold nib available in EF, F, M, B grades. The fountain pen features a filling system by cartridge or converter. All versions are offered in a personalized box. The Via Veneto collection is further enriched with the addition of the elegance (E) version, produced exclusively in resin or resin body and sterling silver cap. This version is characterized by the special hand engraved guilloch prepared with diamond tip tool. The guilloche design is available with either straight or twisted design. Fountain pen with 14kt solid gold (1K), roller with threaded cap (R), ballpoint with twist mechanism (2) and mechanical pencil with 0.7 mm or 0.5mm lead (6). Technical characteristics : GALALITH / CASEIN : or casein formaldehyde is a plastic of natural protein origin made from organic substances such as milk, horn or vegetable products such as soy beans, wheat and the like. It was obtained in 1897 by Adolph Spitteler and W.Kirsche. Its commercial name is Galalith (Galalite in Italy) or Erinoid in Great Britain. It can sometimes look like celluloid, ivory and artificial horn.
Dimensions: 13,3cm

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