DELTA Fountain pen MAPUCHE Limited Edition - 18 kt gold nib- converter/cart

The collection MAPUCHE Limited Edition. The Mapuche people were the first inhabitants of half of the area today known as Chile and Argentina. Before the Spanish arrived in 1541, the Mapuche occupied a vast territory in the Southern Cone of the continent. The Mapuche nation now constitutes the third largest indigenous society in South America. The Mapuche Limited Edition comprises both 1541 fountain pens (1K) and ball pens (2) in 925‰ sterling silver. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Cap and body : Hand turned from solid bars of a specially designed dark grey resin interleaved with jagged layers of white resin, portraying rock formation commonly found in the region. All versions in this collection offer in the body a solid sterling silver ring decorated with drawings from the flag. The cap offers a medal engraved with a picture of the Mapuche calendar portrayed in the flag as well as rings in resin in same colors as the flag. Filling system : In the 1k version the filling system is by converter or threaded cartridge. Clip : It features a three-dimensional representation of the typical tribal totem, called Chemamull. It is in 925‰ Solid Sterling Silver in the 1K. Nib : The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible. It is engraved with one of the most famous symbols of Mapuche culture, the Lukutuwe. This symbol is a depiction of the supreme religious being, as well as a symbol for the first person who consists of hands, feet, a head, and a heart in the center.Availiable in Medium grade nib.Serial number: 149.
Dimensions: 14cm

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