DELTA Fountain pen EVOLUTION 1KS Limited edition black resin- Silver- 18 kt gold nib- button filler

The collection EVOLUTION Limited Edition . Delta’s Evolution celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and his remarkable theory of natural selection. The limited edition pens are hand-turned from solid blocks of marbled blue resin with antiqued, solid sterling silver accents. The central ring depicts the famous sketch “Darwin’s Finches” in high relief. The fountain pen has an 18K white gold nib engraved with a snail shell. Each mode is limited to 809 pieces. Cartridge/converter fill. This is the Delta Evolution limited edition fountain pen. It comes a large black cardboard box with the Delta logo. The top of the box lifts off. Inside we have included with the pen a certificate of authenticity with a hologram on it as well as operational instructions for the Delta pens and a booklet about the Delta Evolution limited edition. Included with the pen is a bottle of fountain pen ink. At top of the Interior the box is held up by two small brass bolts. Those come off and then the top of the box lifts of. It is a plexiglass lid. Inside we have the Delta evolution fountain pen. This is the black version of the fountain pen. It comes with a marbled black resin with gold accents. At the top of the pen we have the Delta logo on the top of the cap. Then we have a small gold band around the top of the cap with the goal clip. On the backside of the cap we have engraved Delta Italy Evolution. At the bottom we have limited edition with the number the pen. Then we have three small bands at the bottom of the cap. Around the barrel we have in the middle section a barrel we have a band of gold depicting evolution with different birds and then multiple gold bands throughout the barrel. The cap on the pen unscrews you can post that or not it. It's a pretty good sized pen and don't necessarily need to be posted, but you can. This comes with a gold nib. It has a seashell or small shell engraved on the nib with Delta as well. To exchange the ink this pen we simply unscrew the midsection from the barrel. This is a cartridge converter style pen. Included with the pen is one converter. You can use that or you can replace it with a cartridge if you'd rather use that instead. Availiable in Medium nib.Serial number : 272.
Dimensions: 14cm

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