DELTA Fountain pen ALFAROMEO1750 1KS Limited Edition with 18 kt nib- Piston filling

The Collection Alfa Romeo 6C – 1750 Gran Sport Limited Edition limited edition . Delta dedicates to this mythical auto a limited collection of writing instruments named “Alfa Romeo 6C – 1750 Gran Sport” evoking the mythic "P2" projected by Vittorio Jano who in 1923 brings to the House of the Biscione its first Victory in a World Championship and considered to be one of the best cars at that time. The collection 6C – 1750 Gran Sport, with particulars in solid sterling silver 925‰, is limited to only 1750 fountain pens ((1KS) featuring a piston filling system and 1750 rollers (R/2), which are easily converted into ball pens. Technical description Body and cap : Refined offers an ancient feel; made of a splendid "Alfa red" resin hand turned from a solid bar. The central ring engraved with a replica of the "6C-1750 Gran Sport" grill is in solid sterling silver 925%. The top of the cap representing an original rim and tire is also in solid sterling silver 925%. The limited edition number and Delta’s logo are engraved in the body. The fountain pen features a piston filling system. Clip: The clip portrays the most characterizing element of the car, the red headlight, unmistakably sign of the mythic “6C – 1750 Gran Sport” replicated with a precious ruby. Nib : The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible. Is available in Medium grade. It is engraved with a depiction of Alfa’s Logo.Serial number : 206.
Dimensions: 14cm

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