DELTA Fountain pen LACITTA 1KS - Sterling Silver-lateral lever Limited Edition

The Collection LA CITTA REALE The Royal Palace of Caserta, or Royal Palace of Caserta, is a historical belonged to the royal family of Bourbon dynasty of Naples, proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO. Located in the town of Caserta, is surrounded by a large park in which identifies two areas: the garden and the garden. To this great monument and to the city of Caserta where it is located, Delta dedicates this precious limited edition collection Technical characteristics Cap and Body: Refined, it offers an ancient feel, made of a splendid marbled celluloid and hand turned from a solid bar. The central and top ring are in sterling silver 925‰ or in18kt gold in the celebration version. The mid ring offer the palace's main faced engraved with great attention to detail. The top ring is engraved with the collection name. The top of the cap offers a medal in sterling silver 925‰ (18kt gold in celebration version) engraved with a silhouette of Charles Bourbon III and its companion, Amalia. The limited edition number and Delta's logo are engraved in the body. The fountain pen features a lateral lever system. Clip: In an elastic metal alloy it is flexible to allow for easy removal and placement in the pocket. In fountain pen can be easily removed to allow the placement of the writing instrument in the specially designed and offered matching pen support Nib: The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible.. It is engraved with a portrayal of the insignia of the city of Caserta. Pen Rest A particularly designed desk pen rest in resin and personalized with an image of the Citta Reale is offered. Each rest offers an engraved plaque (gold or silver plated depending on the version) featuring a replica of the palace. The cap offered in the "Pen holder" is in hand turned resin and offers a central ring in sterling silver identical to the one offered in the fountain pen. The Citta Reale collection includes: Citta Reale 1Ks :Limited to only 750 fountain pens with particulars in solid sterling silver 925‰, featuring a lateral lever system. Citta Reale R2: 750 rollers, easily converted into ball pens. *The celluloid is obtained by processing cellulose with nitric acid, camphor and alcohol. It needs long time, more than a year, to dry for an adequate seasoning to be machined and retain shape. The virtue that made between the 20's and 50's this material leader in the making of writing instruments was the resilience and the capacity of absorbing sudden impacts without breakage.Serial numbers 280,298.
Dimensions: 14cm

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