DELTA Fountain pen PEACE 1K Limited Edition

The Collection PEACE Limited Edition A collection of writing instruments offered in limited number dedicated to the “Ilaria Alpi Journalistic Television Award 2006” Ilaria Alpi Award - XII Edition The Ilaria Alpi Prize, established in 1995 in Riccione (Italy, is an initiative organized by the Cultural Association “Comunita Aperta”. The Prize is dedicated to Ilaria Alpi, the Italian journalist killed in Mogadishu in 1994, together with the cameraman Miran Hrovatin. Ilaria Alpi carried out her profession with rare dedication and sense of ethics and the Award was created to enhance the report journalism, connected with a deep and reliable sense of fact, to help and reflect upon the events. The Journalistic Prize Ilaria Alpi shares its intent with Italian and foreign partners of proven seriousness, under the prestigious sponsorship of the Presidency of the Chamber of deputies, of the Italian UNESCO's Commission of the European Commission and with the High Patronage of the President of the Republic. Since the beginning of its history, Delta has respected the highest standards of quality, which have characterized its production, obtaining products of unquestionable level and excellence. The scrupulous engagement employed in the choice of the materials and the attention dedicated to every phase of the working, makes Delta, one of the few companies in the writing instruments field that is still all Italian owned and rationally sized, and can continue to perpetuate ancient handicraft techniques by following the "made in Italy" best traditions Technical characteristics Body and cap: Made from a solid bar of special resin in ivory colour mingle with golden and bronze fragments and turned by hand. All versions of this collection are characterized by precious handmade details such as the engraved medal in top of cap portraying a “dove with an olive branch”, the symbol of peace. The central ring in precious metal features the word “peace” and repeats the symbol of peace. It is in 18kt gold (celebration), vermeil (1KS) and in dark oxidized silver finish (1k and R/2). Nib: The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and it is personalized. Is available in Medium grade. The Peace collection includes: Peace Celebration Limited to only 12 spectacular pieces with details in 18kt solid gold and diamonds. It offers a lateral lever filling system. Peace 1Ks Limited to 994 fountain pens with lateral lever filling system and details in Vermeil 925% solid Sterling Silver gold plated. Peace 1K-R2 1994 fountain pens (1K) with converter filling system or cartridge and 1994 rollers (R/2) easily convertible into ball pens. The details in both the 1K and R/2 are in oxidized finish sterling silver.Serial numbers : 490,510.
Dimensions: 14,1cm

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