DELTA Fountain pen TUAREG 1K Silver-converter Limited Edition

The Collection TUAREG The first in the ”series two” of Indigenous People. Pens inspired by the customs and traditions of populations around the world. Follows “series one” which included the Maasai, Native Americans and Inuit. Tuareg is a term used to identify numerous diverse groups of people who share a common language and a common history. Tuareg camel caravans played the primary role in trans-Saharan trade until the mid-20th century when European trains and trucks took over. Today, many Tuareg live in sedentary communities in the cities bordering the Sahara that once were the great centers of trade for western Africa. For thousands of years, Tuareg economy revolved around transSaharan trade. The Tuaregs traditionally maintained a feudal system consisting of a small number of noble families, a large majority of vassals, and a lower class of black non-Tuareg serfs, who performed the agricultural tasks. Tuareg men go veiled, while the women are unveiled. Women enjoy respect and freedom, and descent and inheritance are through the female line. The collection includes Tuareg 1K and R2: 1830 fountain pens (1K) and roller balls (R2) in 925‰ sterling silver. The roller ball version is easily convertible into ball pen. Technical characteristics Cap and body: Hand turned from solid bars of a darkish blue resin. All versions in this collection offer in the extremity of body a tri-dimensional ring in 925_ which depending on version is in either in 18 kt solid gold or 925_ sterling silver. In the cap two rings in white ivory resin are offered in the 1K and R/2 while in the 1Ks and Celebration versions is offered a second ring in sterling Silver or 18 kt solid gold respectively. Filling system: The celebration and the 1Ks versions offer the most traditional filling system, the lateral lever filling system, widely appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs. In the 1k version the filling system is by converter or cartridge. Clip: Molded to embody the shape of the takouba, Touareg's warriors sword, is in 925_ Solid Sterling Silver. The Celebration version features three precious diamonds set in the sword's hand guard. Nib: The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible. It is engraved with depiction of a Tuareg jewel. Availiable in Medium and Broad nib.Serial numbers:724,750.
Dimensions: 14,2cm

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