DELTA Ballpen-Roller AINU R2 Limited Edition Silver- twist mechanism

The Collection AINU Limited Edition. "Ainu" means "human." The Ainu people regard things useful to them or beyond their control as "kamuy"(gods). In daily life, they prayed to and performed various ceremonies forthe gods. The word "Ainu" refers to the opposite of these gods. First encounters between the Ainu and Europeans took place in 1643 during Dutch sailor Maerten Vries’ voyage in the discovery of the territories north of Japan. He was the first to explore Hokkaido, the Kurile islands and Sakhalin, and to draw a map of this region. The diary of his voyage provide several accounts of his meetings and gives a description of the Ainu population, their way of life and language. The Ainu are a people with a cultural and racial background which is different from that of the ethnic Japanese. Ainu who lived in Hokkaido, the Kurile Islands and Sakhalin were called "Hokkaido Ainu", "Kurile Ainu" and "Sakhalin Ainu" respectively. Most Ainu now live in Hokkaido. According to one of several theories, the Ainu are descendants of Mongoloid migrants who entered the Japanese islands. They were later displaced and assimilated, when the ethnic Japanese expanded their territory northern wards. In the Meiji period (1868-1912), the Ainu received the status of "former aboriginals". In 1997, a new law was passed which provides funds for the research and promotion of Ainu culture such as language, traditional dancing and various ceremonies. Technical characteristics Cap and body: Hand turned from solid bars of a darkish blue resin interweaved with rings in resin of various other colors. All versions in this collection offer in the extremity of body a tri-dimensional ring which depending on version is in either in 18 kt solid gold or 925% sterling silver. In the cap the capuchon represents a medal used in women’s necklace called “tamasay”. In the celebration this medal is in vermeil and features a 0.08 carat diamond. Filling system: The celebration and the 1KS versions offer the most traditional filling system, the lateral lever filling system, widely appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs. In the 1k version the filling system is by converter or cartridge. Clip: Offers a three-dimensional representation of the "nipopo"(wooden baby) and is in 925% Solid Sterling Silver in the 1K and the R/2 versions. The Celebration and 1KS versions offer the same clip in Vermeil (925% sterling silver gold plated). Nib: The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible. Is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, OBB and STUB grades. It is engraved with a depiction of a characteristic medal used in women’s necklace called “tamasay”. The Ainu collection includes: Ainu 1Ks: Limited release of 1643 fountain pens in Vermeil 925% sterling silver gold plated with lateral filling system Ainu 1K-R2: 1643 fountain pens (1K) and roller balls (R/2) in 925% sterling silver. The roller ball version is easily convertible into ball pen.Serial numbers : 313,401,403.
Dimensions: 14,3cm

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