DELTA Ballpen-Roller CARUSO R-2 Limited Edition

CARUSO The Collection Enrico Caruso was born in Naples, February 25, 1873 was a great Italian tenor. It is considered the standard for excellence, thanks to the suggestion of the stamp and the unmistakable voice. Technical characteristics The collection is hand turned from solid bars of marble brown celluloid*. All pens feature in the top of the cap a medal featuring Caruso's bust. In the central ring placed on the cap is engraved the name of the collection. A special thread is featured which allows the lateral lever to be perfectly aligned with clip when cap is screwed in place if starting aligned. The Enrico Caruso collection includes: Caruso Celebration Limited to only 48 spectacular pieces same as the number of years of Caruso's life. This version offers details in white and rose 18kt gold. It offers a lateral lever filling system Caruso 1Ks Fountain pens with gold or rhodium plated particulars offers 873 pieces with lateral lever filling system. Caruso 1K-R2 1873 fountain pens (1K) with converter filling system or cartridge (threaded) and 1873 rollers with cap (R/2), which are easily convertible into ball pens. Clip and Nib The clip made of a special elastic metal alloy to facilitate the position into the pocket. It is gold plated (celebration and 1KS) or rhodium plated (1K and R/2). It is engraved with a threedimensional decor of an old Neapolitan classic musical note. The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and it is personalized. Is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, OBB and STUB grades. It is engraved with the same decor offered in the clip. Filling System It offers the peculiar side lever loading system considered the most traditional ink loading system, conceived in 1908 and still dear to pen collectors and lovers, giving the fountain pen a distinctive charm. *The celluloid is obtained by processing cellulose with nitric acid, camphor and alcohol. It needs long time, more than a year, to dry for an adequate seasoning to be machined and retain shape. The virtue that made between the 20's and 50's this material leader in the making of writing instruments was the resilience and the capacity of absorbing sudden impacts without breakage.Serial number : 116.
Dimensions: 13,8cm

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