TUMTUM TT3022 Nesting Children's Snack Boxes, Set of 4, Stanley Sloth

Sealable, storable, stackable, adorable. Simple, yet fun set of 4 kids snack boxes which handily fit inside each other for easy storage. Ideal for small sandwiches or snacks such as pasta salad, chopped up cucumber or raisins. Can be used in the microw. largest box: 12cm x 12cm x 5.5cm.BPA FREE: Tested to European Standards, free from BPA & Phthalates.EASY CLEAN: Simply wash the lunch boxes with warm soapy water (bases can go into dishwasher).DESIGNED WITH LOVE IN THE PEAK DISTRICT, UK by parents for their kids and yours!
Dimensions: 12x12x5cm

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Lunch box, food utencils